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Maintrans Internationale Spedition GmbH • Maintrans Logistics GmbH • Maintrans Logistik GmbH • Maintrans Solutions GmbH • Berghegger Internationale Spedition GmbH •
BM Logistics Solutions GmbH • BM Kontraktlogistik GmbH

It began in 2006 with a tractor unit, and has now developed into a strong group of companies with more than 450 employees at 14 locations in Germany. Our range of services covers transport and logistics solutions for various sectors of industry. And we have retained the dynamism and flexibility that makes us a medium-sized company.



Our experience and expertise make us stand out and are demonstrated in our customer and logistics projects. Our standardised and qualified processes enable us to implement projects and concepts of any size in a reliable and effective way.


We adapt to change and help to shape it: To us, standing still means falling behind.
We support and challenge our employees and partners to be innovative and dynamic, and work together with our customers to achieve the same. Our success confirms we have the right approach.


People are always our focus. Change and innovation impact people, so we believe it is our responsibility to bring people with us on this journey of change and digitisation. Targeted training and personnel development measures support this change.


Our central focus is full transparency along the logistics chain. We also greatly value open and transparent dialogue with our employees, partners and customers: We are always listening!

  • Bad Arolsen
    BM Logistics Solutions GmbH
    Korbacher Straße 6 · 34454 Bad Arolsen
    +49 5691 / 894168
  • Bad Langensalza
    Maintrans Logistik GmbH (Hauptsitz)
    Tonnaer Str. 22-23 · 99947 Bad Langensalza
    +49 3603 / 854-400
  • Bramsche
    BM Logistics Solutions GmbH
    Engterstraße 34 · 49565 Bramsche
    +49 5461 / 800280
  • Delbrück
    BM Logistics Solutions GmbH
    Jüdendamm 2 · 33129 Delbrück
    +49 5250 / 9389010
  • Duisburg
    Maintrans Int. Spedition GmbH
    Keniastrasse 32 · 47269 Duisburg
    +49 203 / 7990630
  • Engter
    Berghegger Int. Spedition GmbH (Hauptsitz)
    Igels Sand 10 · 49565 Bramsche
    +49 5468 / 92220

    BM Logistics Solutions GmbH
    Igels Sand 10 · 49565 Bramsche
    +49 5468 / 922233

    BM Kontraktlogistik GmbH (Hauptsitz)
    Igels Sand 10 · 49565 Bramsche
    +49 5468 / 92220
  • Erfurt
    Maintrans Logistik GmbH
    August-Röbling-Str. 27 · 99091 Erfurt
    +49 361 / 3025370
  • Espelkamp
    BM Logistics Solutions GmbH
    Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße 10 · 32339 Espelkamp
    +49 5743 / 932812
  • Flörsheim
    Maintrans Int. Spedition GmbH
    Mariechen-Graulich-Str. 10 · 65439 Flörsheim
    +49 6145 / 3769470
  • Groß-Rohrheim
    Maintrans Int. Spedition GmbH
    Schüco-Str. 1-5 · 68649 Groß-Rohrheim
    +49 6245 / 945980
  • Langenselbold
    Maintrans Int. Spedition GmbH (Hauptsitz)
    Am Weiher 8 · 63505 Langenselbold
    +49 6023 / 507330

    BM Logistics Solutions GmbH (Hauptsitz)
    Am Weiher 8 · 63505 Langenselbold
    +49 6023 / 507330


Maintrans is a founder member and shareholder of E.L.V.I.S. AG and ELVIS Teilladungssystem GmbH.


ELVIS AG (European Cargo Association of International Freight Forwarders) is Europe’s leading association of shipping companies and hauliers and currently represents the interests of 204 member companies. Through its partners, the association is represented at 280 locations in Germany and in more than 20 European countries. The primary goal of ELVIS AG is to achieve benefits for member companies through economies of scale and collaboration.

The association’s range of services includes central purchasing of goods and services, its own online shop “ELVIS Truckstar” plus consultancy solutions. ELVIS gives its members early information on all market and industry changes as well as relevant political developments and their effects.

As an umbrella organisation, the association acts as a central point of contact and represents the interests of its members in the fields of politics and management. In addition, ELVIS AG initiates and manages regular pilot projects and partnerships with universities and academic bodies with the aim of generating practical added value and benefits for its affiliated member companies.

There are also various operational networks under the ELVIS AG umbrella: a Part Load Network, a Full Load Network, a Volume Load Network, a building materials network and a pallet portal.

ELVIS AG has existed since 2006. Through its members, it now has a fleet of more than 17,000 lorries.



Die Wirtschaftsmacher Initiative Banner

The importance of logistics for the economic success of all is undisputed. The challenges faced by logisticians in industry, trade and logistics services are constantly increasing. At the same time, the image of the logistics sector is bad. The threatening shortage of young and skilled workers is only a consequence of this. That should change. With the help of the initiative “DIE WIRTSCHAFTSMACHER”.

The initiative was founded to …

get attention for the logistic industries.

raise the attractiveness of potential and existing employees.

highlight the importance of the sector for the german industry.

enhance the image of logistics sector.