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The Maintrans Group offers industry-specific services. We understand specific logistical requirements, so we can find the best solution for every customer.
chemische Industrie.


We transport and store packaged chemical products, including dangerous goods, for various industries such as the plastics, automotive and textile industries as well as agriculture and construction. Our detailed and standardised rules on occupational health and safety, fire protection and environmental protection are the basis for meeting the high standards in the chemical industry. We conduct regular vehicle load inspections as well as dangerous goods training. We use industry-specific load securing equipment (e.g. TruXafe) and keep personal protective equipment and rescue materials at all our handling and warehouse locations.
Using the Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability (SQAS), we have defined standards for transport and our warehouse sites so that we meet the specific requirements of the chemical industry.


The consumer goods industry and trade form the backbone of the German domestic economy. Both sectors are marked by high levels of competition and cost pressure as well as a strong focus on end customers, who are placing strict requirements on the diversity of goods, delivery times and service. Almost nowhere else is the Internet triggering such radical change in value-creation chains as in the consumer goods industry and trade. We are ready to meet the ever-changing dynamics of the consumer goods industry and understand the challenges and requirements in this sector: From central warehouse deliveries to time slot management and efficient pallet management, we have the right solution.


Trade is the link between production and consumption and represents one of Germany’s biggest sectors of the economy. The industry is undergoing major change. Almost no signs of growth can be felt in traditional bricks-and-mortar business, but revenue in online trade is growing exponentially.

From procurement logistics to warehouse logistics, distribution logistics and branch logistics: The Maintrans Group offers many years of experience that allow it to cover the key success factors in trade logistics: high service quality, flexibility and responsiveness to seasonal or demand-related fluctuations in unit quantities as well as process innovations.


The steel industry is characterised by global competition, so it demands efficient logistics chains that need to measure up in an international comparison. Transport logistics plays a special role in this regard. For us, it is not just a question of transporting steel – it is also about mobilising a complex industry with comprehensive logistics strategies. Our industry focus and many years of experience enable us to develop economical and comprehensive solutions for the tight margins in the steel industry, with the issues of load securing and special transport equipment of central importance.


The Maintrans Group knows how to handle paper: with special care and sensitivity. From development to implementation, we are a strong partner to the paper industry with comprehensive logistics systems and warehouse concepts. Our vehicles and warehouses are equipped to meet the requirements of the paper industry and enable secure and efficient logistics concepts to be implemented.